Company Overview


MS International has been established back in 1980. Previously it was opened under the name of “Sams Watch co” in 1975. Our business was very much traditional and shop basis. We opened a small shop in Paltan Super Market with the name “Sams Watch Co”. Our traditional business model was selling wrist watches, clocks and calculators to the consumers. MS International is considered as one of the leading supplier of Casio Calculators and other watches and clocks in Bangladesh. Currently MS International has brands like Casio, Q&Q, Swistar, Kaiser, Citizen attached with us. Also we have launched our own brand SAMS. MS International is the authorized distributor of Casio Calculators and watches. Sole distributor of Q & Q watches, Swistar watches, Citizen Watches and calculators.
Also we are sole distributor of Kaiser Clocks.

According to our financial report we are the leading provider of the students’ educational item as in calculator.