Casio to Release EDIFICE Models

November 29, 2017 By rahman

Casio to Release EDIFICE Models with Schedule Timer and Automatic Time Zone Adjustment

Racing Team Feedback Used to Design New Features

Casio to Release EDIFICE Models

okyo, January 22, 2020 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of five new additions to the EDIFICE line of high-performance metal chronographs based on the brand concept of “Speed and Intelligence.” When paired with a smartphone, the new ECB-10 models offer features such as schedule timer and automatic time zone adjustment, the latter of which does not require the user to press a button.

The new ECB-10 models were developed based on interviews with motorsport racing team members. Their feedback is reflected in functions including the Schedule Timer, which is convenient for time management by teams who need to schedule activities down to the minute, and automatic time zone adjustment, which is useful when traveling to races around the world.

By pairing with a smartphone calendar app,*1 the Schedule Timer displays the start and end times of a scheduled activity on the watch LCD. It also provides sound notifications at the start and end of an activity. With a connection with a smartphone via Bluetooth®, the notifications are automatically adjusted with any schedule change made on the calendar app. This allows the timer to support sudden changes in schedule. In addition, the ECB-10 models automatically correct the time zone according to local time, even when traveling across time zones, without the user having to press any button at the destination.*2

  • *1 iOS: Calendar, Android: Google Calendar
  • *2 When the paired smartphone is within two meters of the watch.

The watch face features an octagonal bezel studded with four screws, evoking a professional power tool used for racing car maintenance. The bold look strongly suggests a mechanical design. The dial is emblazoned with horizontal lines to express the dynamic energy of cars tearing down the straightaway. These are high-performance watches that integrate motorsport sensibility with smart design and practicality, and they are also helpful for travel and other business activities.



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